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Published:Saturday | October 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Minister of Information Sandrea Falconer - File
  • Services to be improved under PSTMP

Government will be introducing several measures under the Public Sector Transformation and Modernisation Programme (PSTMP) to ensure a higher level of service delivery in public sector entities.

The PSTMP is a major component of the Government's Economic Reform Programme (ERP). Director general of the PSTMP, Veniece Pottinger-Scott, said Government is focusing its efforts to improve the development approval process, through the implementation of the Application Management and Data Analysis (AMANDA) software.

The AMANDA software is a web-based tracking system which will allow applications to be placed and tracked online.

"We are going to be focusing on increasing or extending the introduction of automation in the form of the AMANDA system in all parish councils and also in the agencies that work along with parish councils in the building approval process," she said.

"It means that after everything is up and working, people will be able to track where their applications for building approvals are," she added, stating that the approval process will have an approval timeline of 90 days.

  • Information minister lauds NCU

Minister of Information Sandrea Falconer has lauded the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) for continuing to produce high academic achievers who have made their mark worldwide.

"Grounded in Christian values, NCU has developed and expanded its reach at an extraordinary rate. Its graduates, well equipped in various disciplines, are to be found making productive contributions here in Jamaica, throughout the Caribbean, and the world," she said.

Falconer was speaking Wednesday at the honours convocation ceremony of NCU, held in Mandeville, Manchester.

Describing NCU as a "bright spot" on the region's tertiary landscape, Senator Falconer praised the institution on transforming itself into a world-class university and for upholding a culture of excellence through its honours programme.

She said the university is "setting the right example" in encouraging high educational attainment among its students, who must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of between 3.0 and 4.0 to make the honours/dean's list.

The students should also demonstrate loyalty to the university and its standards, and exemplary citizenship.

"When I consider the level of performance that has to be maintained by NCU students to qualify for these honours, I know you have the elements for your success.

You have shown your mettle, you have distinguished yourselves and made your university proud," she said.

  • Free Movement Of Skills Certificate needed to work in region

Director of diaspora consular affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Lloyd Wilks, is reminding persons seeking employment in another CARICOM member state that they must obtain a Free Movement of Skills certificate.

He reiterated that there are some 10 categories of workers who are entitled to move and work freely in the Caribbean community. Persons who are not in any of these categories of skilled persons will require work permit approvals in the respective CARICOM territories, in advance of travel, he said.

"So you have an entry requirement which must be satisfied and which is to some extent tied to the work permit or the work certificate. When somebody breaches those arrangements, then they have breached immigration guidelines, immigration rules, and are subject to immigration control. That control often means that persons are retained because they have no right of entry into the particular state," he explained.