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Family Life Ministries to launch foster care programme

Published:Monday | October 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Dr Burchell Taylor (left) in discussion with Dr Barry Davidson, CEO of Family Life Ministries, during the Family Life Ministries 30th anniversary commemorative service held yesterday at Swallowfield Chapel, St Andrew. Rudolph Brown/Photographer

BARRY DAVIDSON, the chief executive officer of Family Life Ministries, wants to get the Church involved in providing foster care for children in residential care.

"We believe if we can challenge church people to become parents in our foster care programme, then that could make a big difference," said Davidson at a church service to mark the 30th anniversary of the Family Life Ministries, held at the Swallowfield Chapel yesterday.

More than 2,300 children live in the 59 residential childcare facilities across the island.

Family Life Ministries hopes to team up with a Canadian-based organisation to launch a foster care programme next year. Davidson yesterday said the State does not provide the environment to help children who are in residential care.

State-run homes not best

"State-run homes are not the best fit for children because at 18 years old, they are released to the society and are not productive," he said.

Added Davidson: "We believe children do better if they grow up in families."

Davidson said he can provide a solution to the children who are hurting through the foster care programme.

"The children in this country are hurting. Some lack nurturing and protection and the environment that can help them become emotionally and mentally well, and so we hope to help them through the programme," noted Davidson.

He said parenting is a skill that needs to be learned.

"Parenting is not instinct and just like a doctor learning to become a doctor, a counsellor learning to be a counsellor, it's the same way a parent needs to learn how to be a parent," said Davidson.