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Grange rebukes Falconer

Published:Saturday | November 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Gary Spaulding

OPPOSITION SPOKESMAN on Information Olivia Grange has chided her ministerial counterpart, Sandrea Falconer, for sounding off that 'Ebola mistakes will be made.'

Grange expressed alarm at Falconer's pronouncement at a health ministry-organised media forum in the Corporate Area on Thursday.

Falconer stated that the Government would likely make mistakes in its handling of the deadly Ebola outbreak if and when it comes.

She also cautioned media practitioners against sensationalism in reporting on a virus that continues to spark fears globally.

Falconer's presentation was focused primarily on the role of the media in the country's efforts to deal with Ebola cases.

She said Government would ensure equal and full access to information in dealing with any suspected or confirmed case.

Grange refused to mince words as she upbraided Falconer for attempting to "scold" journalists.

In a statement yesterday, the opposition spokesperson said that it was unacceptable that such a remark had come from the lips of a government minister on such a grave matter.

She said that even as Falconer was anticipating mistakes, other governments were seeking to assure their populace that they could not afford to make mistakes.

Grange cited a quote from United States President Barack Obama that the US "Cannot afford mistakes when American lives are at risk."

"Yet Ms Falconer is comfortable with the fact that the Government will make 'mistakes' and 'missteps' with the lives of Jamaicans and is asking the media and the country to accept that," she said.