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Time runs out Kimberley

Published:Sunday | November 9, 2014 | 12:00 AMPaul H. Williams
Kimberley McGregor before she became ill with cancer.
Kim Jarvis-McGregor of Trinityville, St Thomas, is a picture of distress, as her daughter,. Kimberley, is seriously ill.
Kimberley McGregor in the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, recently.


Yesterday, The Gleaner’s publication, Rural Xpress, told the story of 20-year-old Kimberley McGregor, whose body was being ravaged by cancer, and the distress that it was causing her family, especially her mother, Kim Jarvis-McGregor, who works seven days a week as a security officer at Paul Bogle High School in Thomas.

Her mother had told our news team that time seems to be running out on Kimberley and that she was scared. “Mi fraid mi ago lose har, just have the fear say mi ago lose her,” said Jarvis-McGregor while sobbing,”

Well, less than 24 hours later, time has run out on Kimberley, and Jarvis-McGregor has lost her daughter to the scourge of cancer.

It was a tearful Jarvis-McGregor who called The Sunday Gleaner early yesterday morning to say her “baby” had died the night before. She said last Friday night she received a call from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, where Kimberly was being treated, to turn up early yesterday morning.

When she arrived, Kimberley was not in the bed where she had left her Friday evening. Her personal effects were packed up. The nurses on duty didn’t divulge anything, only saying she had to wait to speak with the doctor.

By that time, she knew the end had come for Kimberley, and the tears came in torrents. The tearful mother said a patient lying right beside Kimberley told her that her daughter seemed to have felt death creeping up on her, as moments before she took her last breath, she complained of feeling very strange, saying she felt as if she was dying.

But despite the patient’s reassurance that she would be okay, Kimberley started to scream, and then nothing else came from her. When the nurses checked, she had no pulse.

According the Jarvis-McGregor, when she eventually spoke with the doctor, she was told Kimberley died of fast-spreading ovarian cancer. Her husband was by her side, and they went to see Kimberley’s remains in the morgue. She was too distraught to say what was going through her mind yesterday, but her grief was clear.

Now the onus has shifted from finding money to take care of Kimberley’s medical expenses to that of burying her “baby”.