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Sturge Town’s Marley Spring Water Bottled by lack of assistance

Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

As much as residents of Sturge Town in St Ann might be proud of the history that surrounds their beloved community, they have realised that much more is needed to ensure a prosperous future for them.

With that in mind, the Sturge Town Community Development Council (CDC) has embarked on plans to identify and work on projects that could earn an income for residents.

One such plan that seems to have potential is the bottling of water from the Marley Spring in the community.

Some residents say the spring was named after a runaway slave named Marley. Despite this piece of information, however, some residents still believe the name will help promote the product.

Member of the CDC, Carlington Lawrence, said the bottling process actually started but help is needed to get the project running.

"We have this Marley Spring and we want to promote it, we want to see how much we can get it moving," Lawrence told The Gleaner.

"We have tried. We started to do bottling but we don't get it approved as yet. We need help in terms of funding and guidance to get the authorities to approve it.

"After that, we will also need help to move forward. The water can be a source of income for residents," said a hopeful Lawrence.

tourist attraction

The spring itself could also be a tourist attraction, he suggested.

Not sitting down and waiting, the CDC is also actively pursuing ways to promote Sturge Town as a tourist destination.

Last year, 22 persons from the community were trained by the Tourism Product Development Company in developing community-based tourism.

This includes the promotion of the bed and breakfast programme in the district.

The council is also looking at developing a heritage trail, among other things.

"We have a great house that is adjoining the community that we also want to develop," Lawrence disclosed.

"Then there is also a cave that we would want to develop in the future as an attraction. These projects, we want to get them moving. That is the way forward for the community."

Farming, domestic work and hotel jobs are among the main sources of income for residents. The CDC plans would greatly enhance income sources.

"If we get the projects up and running, then we can get other young people to come on board and earn an income," Lawrence stated.