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SoHo readies Christmas Closet for less fortunate

Published:Tuesday | December 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
In this 2013 photo, attorney-at-law Stacey Ann Soltau- Robinson (right) hands clothing to Soho's managing director, Michele Coulton, her donation towards the SoHo Christmas Closet annual event.

Alessandro Boyd, Gleaner Writer

As the festive season approaches, Michele Coulton, owner of SoHo Boutique, is eagerly anticipating the launch of its Christmas Closet, a tool to encourage the public to embrace the season of giving.

The third annual SoHo Christmas Closet launch is set to take place on Saturday at the establishment, located in the Lee Gore Business Centre on Upper Waterloo Road, Kingston.

SoHo is encouraging its clients and other members of the public to bring in used clothing to be passed on through the Child Development Agency (CDA) to people in need.

"The feedback has been extremely encouraging over the years; I didn't realise that so much people wanted to give their gentle used clothing. We even received numerous telephone calls from persons wanting to know how they can assist," Coulton told The Gleaner.

"We did it the first year and it was good. We did it the second year and it was better, so I think this year, our containers will have to be bigger. It is something that we feel really good about and we want to keep it going, because while they are busy shopping and getting things for themselves and their loved ones, they can also give back to the less fortunate," she added.


Coulton also noted that their hours will be extended during the week of Christmas to accommodate more donations for those who are strapped for time.

"My hope this year is that more people will open their hearts and take in pieces of clothing that they have lying around. We will package it nicely and we make an appointment with the CDA to hand them over, along with things that we are no longer selling in the store,"

Members of the spell will have until the end of January to provide their donations. SoHo Boutique may be contacted at 925-0245.