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Shots fired in her direction ... Councillor declares that she will not give into criminality

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ian Allen/Photographer A wheelchair-bound woman rides pass the police tape at the intersection of Golding Avenue and August Town Road where it is alleged that shots were fired at Venesha Phillips, Councillor for the Papine Division yesterday.

Venesha Phillips, Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) councillor for the Papine division has declared that she will not give in to criminality, and the construction work in that area will continue despite the fact that several shots were fired in her direction yesterday while she was visiting the site.

Phillips noted that there were several complaints by men in the area pertaining to the distribution of the work to build a retaining wall and a sidewalk to make the area more accessible to disabled. She therefore went to visit the area.

On arrival at the site on Golding Avenue in St Andrew several shots were fired in her direction. No one was injured in the process.

"While I was there, I heard two shots at first, and I could hear them make contact with the trees directly behind me, so I got down and indicated to the person beside me to get down. But I stepped out from my position in an attempt to get out of the way and looked down the road only to see a young man standing just across there in a black top with a gun in his hand," Phillips told The Gleaner.

"People were on the other side of the road but they were never in danger, because he was never firing on that side of the road," she added.

She went on to note that she was concerned for the life of the workers on the site but she was going to insist, from the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation's perspective that the work should continue.

"I am going to insist on the KSAC's perspective that criminals should not be allowed to stop the work, so even if we have to bring in the JDF (Jamaica Defence Force) and the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force), the work must continue. This is about our disabled community, and we will not give in to criminality," Phillips said.

"These men feel they are entitled to work because they support one political party or another and that others who don't support are benefiting which is not the case. This is criminality, so I am counting on the police to do what is necessary to ensure that some kind of system is put in place to prevent this from happening again," she continued.

The police were on the scene collecting evidence yesterday. Head of the St Andrew Central Police division, SSP Fitz Bailey, when questioned later would only say that the police were investigating.