Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Rockfort and Palisadoes strip illuminated

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin

RESIDENTS OF Rockfort in Kingston and persons using the Palisadoes strip will notice greater illumination in these areas with the installation of 200 new LED lights on Tuesday.

The initiative, which was developed by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS), in partnership with the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), has been described by Kelly Tomblin, chief executive officer for JPS, as a game changing project in the energy sector.

"We were prepared to get our hands dirty and do the work, because we are committed to catering to our customers. The JPS is very concerned about customers who are not able to pay their energy bill and it is our goal to ensure that we meet people at their level. This project will be one of the many others that will help us to do that," she said.

"This is an energy revolution, and while this step might look small, we know that it creates an avenue for conservation and using less, along with enhancing innovation and technology," he added.


Executive director of CMI, Dr Fritz Pinnock, said that this is part of an initiative to enhance and expand tertiary education.

"We cannot keep sticking to the traditional way of learning. Our students are so talented and if they are given the chance, they will do wonders. The oil bill is greater than our export bill and we cannot continue to live in a country that is experiencing all these expenses," he declared.

"Today is the demonstration of a partnership and so we want to highlight the results of hard work. The students have exceeded our expectation and this is a sign of more things to come," Pinnock said.

He also explained that he would be working assiduously to transform the Port Royal community into an area of opportunities.