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Tireless mother awarded 'Parent of the Year'

Published:Monday | December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Davis Primary School student Shadequa Miller already knows that mother, Patricia Aransibia is her Parent of the Year 2014. - Contributed
Patricia Aransibia (right) is thrilled to receive her new Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini from Jo Anderson-Figueroa of the Digicel Foundation after being recognised as the Enrichment Programme Parent of the Year 2014. - Contributed

Endless patience and questioning about learning tools have helped Patricia Aransibia improve the education of her child living with cerebral palsy.

Her tireless efforts and numerous hours spent helping her daughter, Shadequa, with homework after school earned the single mother of three the admiration of teachers who nominated her as 'Parent of the Year' in the Digicel Foundation's Enrichment Programme.

"One thing I have always noticed is how involved she is," said Marcia Richards-Mitchell, centre manager of the Enrichment Programme at St Catherine-based Davis Primary where the 10-year-old is enrolled. "Every time I call about a parenting seminar or an event, Patricia is always there and you will never see her frustrated with the child because of her challenge."

Aransibia's story stood out among a field of nominations submitted to the foundation; primarily as a result of her highly positive approach to parenting. "What I want most for Shadequa is for her is to achieve her goals in life," said Aransibia after receiving the recognition as 'Parent of the Year'.

"I love being a parent, especially teaching my children lessons I feel they need to learn. She is now very interested when she comes home to do her homework and to take part in classes," Aransibia added.

According to Dane Richardson, Digicel Foundation's Enrichment programme manager, "The programme livens up learning through technology with audio-visual tools. However, it is really our parents and teachers who make the programme a success through their dedication and willingness to put in the extra time to see their children succeed," he said.

The Enrichment Programme, launched by the telecoms company's foundation in 2009, is geared towards improving the literacy and numeracy levels of children from grades one to three. In 2013 the United States Agency for International Development partnered with the foundation to expand the programme as well as engage parents to help ensure its success.