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Vision for Ocho Rios

Published:Monday | December 8, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Joey Issa
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Martin-Daley
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Marino Mafessanti, director, St Ann Chamber of Commerce
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Delroy Redway, deputy mayor, St Ann's Bay
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Craft market in Ocho Rios.
Custos Norma Walters

Members of the Ocho Rios, St Ann, business community were asked to state their vision for the town over the next 12 to 15 months. Here are the responses.

Horace Wildes, banker and member of St Ann Chamber of Commerce Past Presidents Advisory Committee

Whatever is going to happen, I want to see an inclusiveness of the common man, the businessman, the politician, everybody involved.

Senior Superintendent of Police Yvonne Martin-Daley, in charge of St Ann

When all of these attractions and developments come on board (because within that 15 months, the north-south highway will be open into Ocho Rios), somebody said it would be taking more persons into the town quicker, so there is the possibility of increased crime, so as police officers, we have to work more assiduously to ensure that we keep the towns and the streets clear and free of crime and criminal elements.

Councillor Delroy Redway, deputy mayor

From the council's perspective, we hope that we will continue on the programme of infrastructure development and to see the partners working with us to see places like the transport centre expand to accommodate the heavy traffic flows. Also, to see the citizens commingling with the visitors in an amicable way where each one can teach one, and each one can benefit from the experience.

Dr Rohan Williams, councillor for Ocho Rios division

The major demand of the people of Ocho Rios is for a proper, comfortable farmers' market.

Joe Issa, businessman and member of St Ann Chamber of Commerce Past Presidents Advisory Committee

I hope that our chamber would be bold enough to endorse a political party or political candidate based on them signing off on committing to do a list of items that the chamber deems important to the parish.

Humphrey Taylor, St Ann Chamber of Commerce

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic is too combustible, so I would like to see a reorganisation of parking, traffic direction. Secondly, more interaction between our guests and our local people so they don't think it's just for some people and not for others.

Marino Mafessanti, St Ann Chamber of Commerce

That we fix Ocho Rios for the locals and then it would be automatic for the tourists.

Custos Norma Walters

I had reason to look at the JCF Citizens Charter and they have what is called a value statement. I would like to see that on their agenda for the meeting on December 15, where you look at what everybody is supposed to do for tourism and we try and buy into that. We need to begin the structure that says everybody in tourism has value, because we don't want this industry to go down.

Dr John McDowell, retired doctor and member of St Ann Chamber of Commerce Past Presidents Advisory Committee

I want to see Ocho Rios continue to be enhanced as one of the major tourist resorts in Jamaica, by putting in further needed infrastructure, so it can become a place where people can love to live, bring up their families and do business comfortably.