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Be Realistic- Police Warns

Published:Tuesday | December 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
SSP Fitz Bailey

Noting that the stealing of expensive gadgets and lost children are recurring issues during the Christmas season, Senior Superintendent of Police Fitz Bailey, head of the St Andrew Central Division, has warned citizens to be responsible as they conduct their businesses during the festive season.

He said in a recent interview with The Gleaner that people tend to use their phones carelessly, which makes them susceptible to attacks.

"Though we do not want to restrict persons from using their phones and other gadgets, one has to be mindful of the environment in which they live. People tend to use these gadgets aimlessly, not paying attention to their environment, but we must be responsible because this (phone robbery) continues to be an issue for us during this time," he declared.

"There is also an issue with lost children. They get caught up in the excitement that might be taking place and go astray at times. Sometimes because of the crowd, they get lost as well, so I want to implore parents to ensure that their little ones are in their view at all times," he said.


Bailey added, "Once you have a crowd, criminals will capitalise on every opportunity to rob persons and, as a result, the police force will be out in their numbers, making sure that our presence is felt. Law and order will be the focus."

Superintendent Michael Scott, head of the Kingston Central Police Division, shared similar sentiments, urging the public to cooperate with the police.

"West Parade is one of our major concerns. Another issue is illegal vending and, as a result, those are things we will be targeting. We are working closely with the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and other stakeholders to ensure that there is order and that the law is maintained," he declared.

"If it's not necessary for you to answer your phone, don't do it. If you are coming downtown to shop, why do you have to wear expensive jewellery? I know it's your right to wear what you want, but we must be realistic. Be responsible," he charged.