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All I want for Christmas is...

Published:Wednesday | December 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Shenelle Gayle
Shantae Panton
Chad Mc Bougall
Twan Burgess
Oshawne Stennett
Danisha Miller
Rajay Cameron
Deon Blanchette
Orlando Weise
Justin Henry
This combination made from photos provided by Amazon and Google shows the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9, left, and the Google Nexus 9. (AP Photo/Amazon/Google)

Oshawne Stennett - 13

"I would really love to get a notebook (computer) for my Christmas because the money is hard to find sometimes to go to the Internet cafÈ. I also find it very challenging to get assignments done. For subjects such as social studies and science, you must do a lot of research, so I would greatly appreciate some assistance."

Danisha Miller - 2

I would love to get a tablet to play games.

Shenelle Gayle - 10

"For my Christmas, I would like to get a laptop to help me with my homework because I want to advance myself, especially because I will be doing GSAT (Grade Six Achievement Test) soon."

Justin Henry - 13

"I would really like to get a tablet so that I can do my homework. I have always wanted one, but because my family cannot afford it, I will just have to wait."

Orlando Weise - 4

"I want a tablet to play games and to do my homework."

Twan Burgess - 8

"I want a tablet for my Christmas. A (building) block drop pon mi foot last week and I can't go to school, so a tablet would make me very happy."

Shantae Panton - 15

"I am currently in grade nine and I have a lot of books, so I would love a tablet for my Christmas. My room is very small and it becomes overcrowded sometimes. Another problem is that the books are very heavy on my back, so I would love to get something that would make things easier for me."

Deon Blanchette - 5

"I want a dolly and ice cream because last week was my birthday and I didn't get anything, so I want to have something to remember."

Chad McDougall - 13

"Sometimes I get very bored around here (his community), so I would want a tablet to play with."

Rajay Cameron - 16

"I hope I will able to get a tablet to do my work and assist me in enhancing myself as a student."