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Business Owners in Manchester say Yuletide Season could be better

Published:Thursday | December 11, 2014 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

Manchester, Jamaica

With the most anticipated time of the year already here, for some business owners, it seems persons are either not yet ready to make their purchases or won't be making any at all.

Jeremy Groves, manager at the Impact Industrial in Manchester, which offers a variety of paint and tools says this year's festive season is not cracking up to be what he had expected.

"At this time, we are accustomed to a particular rush and we haven't seen that. We wouldn't call it a slow period but it's definitely not as fast as it was in previous years ... ."

When asked if prices may be a deterrent Groves expressed:

"We have several deals here for our customers and sales on various items, and we are still not experiencing the rush, so the price isn't a problem."

Branch manager at Sherwin Williams Paula Wheatle says business is now at about 67 per cent in comparison to last year.

"On average, we see about 50 or less customers per day, and that is not necessarily what we call a fast day."

For some, the closure of industries such as ALPART is still having significant effect on the economy.

"It's a slow period and it has been slow for quite some time ... . Ever since the closure of the two bauxite plants in the parish, there has been an economic downturn ... . We are hopeful that business will pick up closer to the end of the year, however," stated the operations manager of Brumalia House Hardware, Joseph Chin.

The Lucky Dollar Furniture store in Mandeville is another of the businesses claiming the year 2014 is off to a slow start compared to 2013, which was a much better year. "We had more persons coming in early to make their purchases ... . This year is practically finished but we are still expecting persons to come in for the various deals we are offering," said Branch Manager, Simone Chang.