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Gov't to pay over sums deducted from health workers' salaries

Published:Friday | December 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Health-sector workers whose salary deductions were not paid over to the relevant companies by the South East Regional Health Authority over a period of time have been given the assurance that the Government has allocated some $1.4 billion in the budget to refund those overdue payments.

For months, some health-sector workers complained bitterly that they had faced embarrassment and severe inconveniences as amounts deducted from their salaries to satisfy their obligations were not paid over by the health authorities.

Finance and Planning Minister Dr Peter Phillips told members of the Standing Finance Committee of Parliament on Tuesday that his ministry was working with the various health authorities to ensure that the non-payment of deductions to designated bodies does not recur.

Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr Kenneth Baugh said he was informed by persons in the health sector recently that they were still faced with challenges owing to the non-payment of sums to entities by the health authorities.

Dr Baugh said a particular health personnel told him that an insurance benefit could not be accessed as the Government had not paid over sums taken from her salary to the insurance company.

In his response, Phillips said: "What occurred ought not to have occurred; these resources have been provided and the Ministry of Finance is working with the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Health is working with its agencies and regional authorities to ensure that they recognise clearly their obligations to their employees to hand over the money as they are required to for the employees, and to meet the various obligations that the employees have."