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KC student nursing serious stab wound

Published:Saturday | December 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM

The principals of Kingston College and Calabar High School spent much of last week investigating the circumstances behind an attack that left a third-form student at Kingston College nursing stab wounds Tuesday.

The incident occurred in downtown Kingston as the youngster was on his way home, confirmed Kingston College Principal Dave Myrie, who yesterday described the student's injuries as "very serious".

"The principal of Calabar and I have been seriously in dialogue to find out exactly what's going on. Up to this morning (yesterday), both of us were in the bus park in Half-Way Tree just monitoring the students," said Myrie, adding that contact had been made with authorities at Jamaica College.

According to Myrie, the young man was on his way home and, while travelling in downtown Kingston, he was accosted by a group of boys wearing Calabar High School and Jamaica College uniforms. Myrie said that the group ambushed the youngster and stabbed him in the abdomen.

"My understanding is that even though the boy (attacker) was in Calabar uniform, it is a youngster who had been expelled from Calabar already, but he was with other Calabar and Jamaica College youngsters at the time," said Myrie. "I also understand that there might have been a student from Tivoli Gardens High in that group as well," he added.

Motive not known

Up to yesterday, Myrie said he was still not sure as to the motive of Tuesday's attack but said that in recent weeks, he had to intervene in at least one other altercation involving Kingston College, Calabar, and Jamaica College students.

"These things are never good for anybody concerned, and so my mindset is to get this thing, whatever the situation is, sorted out, get to the bottom of it fast, and get it stopped," he said.

Yesterday, Ruel Reid, principal of Jamaica College, was hearing about the incident for the first time from this reporter. "I have no report on that," he said, briefly breaking his participation in a meeting to answer his cellular phone.

When contacted, a senior vice-principal at Calabar, through her assistant, declined to speak to this newspaper about the incident. The assistant told The Gleaner that only the principal, Albert Corcho, would be able to comment on the incident.

Up to late yesterday afternoon, Corcho's cellular phone rang repeatedly without answer.

In the meantime, Coleridge Minto, director of security and safety in schools at the Ministry of Education, said that he was aware of the incident and that he was trying to ascertain whether Tuesday's attack was an isolated one.

"This is something that happened outside of the school, so usually, they don't come directly to us, but we are usually still aware of them. It is critical at this point to find out if the incident was a one-off occurrence or if there is a feud going on," said Minto. "It happened outside of the school; someone was stabbed; so it is something that will have to be dealt with by the local police and the schools."

Minto noted that both Kingston College and Calabar are on the list of schools participating in the Safe Schools Programme and that he would be working along with the school resource officers at these institutions to understand the circumstances behind the attack.