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CAL passengers to pay for second bag

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM


As of January 15, Caribbean Airlines passengers travelling between the region and Toronto, Canada, will be required to pay US$25, plus applicable taxes, for their second checked bag.

The first checked bag continues to be free, together with one carry-on bag, said the airline, while business-class customers' free checked baggage allotment will be increased to three pieces.

The new bag fees, which are being introduced on a phase basis, will eventually affect passengers traveling between the Caribbean and North America, but not until April 15, the airline said in a statement last Friday.

Currently, passengers traveling between North America and the Caribbean are allowed two free bags. The airline is one of the few carriers still offering this "luxury".

"This new policy will be implemented in two phases. Phase one takes effect on tickets purchased on or after December 18, 2014, for travel from January 15, 2015," said the carrier.

Phase two takes effect on tickets purchased on or after February 1, 2015, for travel from April 15, 2015, on all flights throughout the rest of its network.

"This two-phase introduction allows our customers to adjust and plan ahead," it said.

According to Caribbean Airlines, it has resisted moving to this policy, "but in light of most of its competitors charging passengers for all their checked bags, it is left with no choice but to match industry practice to remain competitive."

Said the airline: "While our competitors continue to showcase low fares, they conveniently fail to mention that bag fees - some in excess of US$100 - are charged to customers. Caribbean Airlines assures its passengers that our fee of US$25 for the second bag is the lowest in the industry."