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Major-Campbell, flock clear air on gays in church

Published:Monday | December 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Reverend Father Sean Major-Campbell offers communion to worshippers at Christ Church in Vineyard Town, St Andrew, during service yesterday.-Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

Andrew Harris, Gleaner Writer

Under fire, Anglican priest, the Reverend Father Sean Major-Campbell, yesterday pleaded with his congregation to be patient with him as he attempts to be 'progressive'.

Major-Campbell has been facing the ire of some who attend Christ Church since welcoming members of the lesbian and transgender community into the Vineyard Town, St Andrew-located place of worship last week.

During yesterday's service, he opened the floor to allow members of the congregation to air their views about his decision to wash the feet of two lesbians and allow testimony from a transgender individual while recognising Human Rights Day.

"Bear with me. Be patient with me. My style is not the popular style," Major-Campbell told the congregation.

During the discussion, which lasted for almost an hour, some persons, from different age groups within the congregation, labelled his actions as a betrayal, noting they were not made aware of what he had been planning prior to last week's service.

Some of the youths within the congregation said they felt that persons on the outside were attempting to take away their right to have a view, suggesting that because they disagreed with Major-Campbell's actions, they were not being compassionate.

Major-Campbell argued that a number of pastors in Jamaica give a ready-made answer to real struggles, which are not helpful to anyone.

"There are pastors in Jamaica who give people the quick answer of two Bible verses, then say a 'let's pray', when that is not helping the real struggles," he said.

"We have to face the fact that the subject of human sexuality and the ready-made answers will not help."

After the service, when asked by The Gleaner if he would be willing to wash the feet of any other members of the gay community, the priest, without hesitation said: "I would do it again, but not in the congregation setting, maybe on another occasion."

Major-Campbell said he hoped his actions had shed some light on the real life issues with which people are hurting and struggling, and that servants of God would step up to the purpose of their real service in the body of Christ.