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Bolt excites, inspires fans

Published:Thursday | December 18, 2014 | 12:00 AMShayne Fairman
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Olympian Usain Bolt (second left) strikes a pose with Dr. Anne Passmore-Rowe (left), her adopted daughter Roxanne Passmore-Rowe (right) and granddaughter Phoenix Passmore-Rowe during the public signing of autographs by the athletics superstar at Tracks and Records in St Andrew yesterday.

"Oh my God," exclaimed 83-year-old humanitarian and retired doctor, Anne Passmore-Rowe.

Sprint king Usain St Leo Bolt had just signed an autograph and shared lens time with the senior citizen at the Tracks and Records sports bar in St Andrew yesterday.

The event was an official autograph signing and meet-and-greet function which the six-time Olympics champion used to give back to fans.

Passmore-Rowe has given 46 years of stellar service to the Bustamante Hospital for Children, after arriving on the island she would call home in 1968.

Her immediate family consists of adopted siblings Roxanne and Sandra, and granddaughter Phoenix, who all bear her surname.

an endearing fan

Now adults, Roxanne and Sandra fell under the doctor's care while at the Bustamante Hospital for Children. They reasoned that she is the only woman they accept, love and know as mom.

"She found us at hospital and adopted my sister and I," said Roxanne.

"We love mom dearly and brought her here to meet Usain Bolt."

They added that she is an endearing fan of the global superstar.

Another family member has, no doubt, been inspired by the legendary athlete.

Nine-year-old Phoenix Passmore-Rowe thrives off the greatness of Bolt, whom she described as her 'idol'.

Phoenix said she collects videos, pictures and memorabilia of the influential Jamaican, and hopes to be as great one day.

Roxanne, her mother, described the youngster as the fastest child at Oxford Garden Primary School in the United Kingdom.

Though not everyone will become a Usain Bolt on track, other Jamaicans like Morganne Taylor are still inspired to actualise their respective goals.

She was one of a pair of twins celebrating their 21st birthday during yesterday's event.

Sister Jordanne Taylor is the other. "Meeting Usain is the ideal birthday present for us," Morganne said.

"We are motivated by him and very honoured to meet an idol."

She added that Bolt, who himself rose from humble origins, gives her the will to push for her dreams.

"I am hoping to be the best accountant/marketing manager, and own my own accounting firm," she continued.

Jordanne is hoping to become a hospitality/tourism operator one day.

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