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Body of suspected JCF death squad murder victim exhumed

Published:Saturday | December 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM
INDECOM investigates a police shooting at the Ward Threatre in downtown Kingston after a man attacked and stabbed a police officer.-File

Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer

THE INDEPENDENT Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) yesterday reported that it had exhumed the body of Seydane Wilson, one of several men who was shot and killed by cops who were allegedly members of a death squad operating in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Nelson, who was killed in January 2013, was exhumed from the Denbigh Cemetery in Clarendon. The purpose of the exhumation was to conduct a second post-mortem with a view to find more information on the circumstances of his death.

According to INDECOM, Nelson was one of eight persons who were reported to have been murdered by gunmen in the parish of Clarendon. However, investigations by INDECOM into the conduct of police officers in Area 2 concluded that his death was a security force-related fatality.

INDECOM said the exhumation took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week under the supervision of international medical experts, ballistic experts and a pathologist employed by the Government of Jamaica. However, the statement to the press provided no details on the identities of the external personnel - where they were from and on whose behalf they observed the exhumation.

INDECOM also did not say if the exhumation took place over two days, as per the dates provided.

Repeated attempts to reach anyone from its public relations office proved futile and the commission's head, Terrence Williams, also could not be reached.

The commission provided the media with a list of eight incidents, resulting in the deaths of nine civilians, which are being probed by the body.

They include:

1. Kirk (last name unknown) - Rectory Road, May Pen, Clarendon - unknown date

2. Robert 'Gutty' Dawkins, Palmers Cross main road, Clarendon - January 10, 2009

3. Ricardo Williams - Comfort Road, Clarendon - December 6, 2012

4. Odale Planter - Comfort Road, Clarendon - December 6, 2012

5. Seydane Nelson - Main Street and Allen Street, May Pen, Clarendon - January 12, 2013

6. Adif Washington - Milk River area, May Pen Hospital, Clarendon - January 13, 15, 2013 (Please note: This incident occurred in two parts. Mr Washington was shot in the Milk River area, he was later taken to the May Pen Hospital for treatment. While undergoing treatment, he was shot by a masked man, and was, shortly after, pronounced dead.)

7. Damion (last name unknown) - Jack Monday Bar, Denbigh Crescent, Clarendon - Unknown month in 2013

8. Romario 'Broomie' Bryan - Havana Heights, Race Track, May Pen, Clarendon - March 10, 2013

9. Tony 'Tony Tuff' Donaldson - Tony Tuff Bar, Four Paths, Clarendon - April 8, 2013.

INDECOM is appealing to anyone with any information which can assist with these investigations to visit its offices or call mobile number at 878-0167.

Persons are also encouraged to call the new toll-free lines at 1-888-991-5555 or 1-888-935-5550.