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Homeless but positive!

Published:Saturday | December 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Richard Dennis, homeless man in downtown Kingston.

Jodi-Ann Gilpin, Gleaner Writer

RICHARD DENNIS never imagined that he would be among scores of homeless persons who would benefit from the Downer family Christmas treat yesterday in downtown Kingston.

Dennis explained that he had a comfortable life after he worked in the food and catering industry for more than 10 years. His short-lived achievements led him to assisting some persons during Hurricane Ivan in 2004; however, those same people set his house on fire two years after that which left him homeless and without a family since.

He said, however, that he will not be daunted, as God is always providing for him.

"God is a good God, because this is my first meal from morning, but despite the circumstances, He is still providing," he declared.

"People might wonder why I am so happy. I had a comfortable home in Montego Bay and I worked at several hotels because cooking is my passion. I had been doing that for a number of years and was content until the fire happened, but I believe that God is still in control," Dennis told The Gleaner.

He added, "I was very traumatised during the whole thing because my nephew also got killed in the fire and the only thing the fire left me with, was my white shirt, my black pants and my black bow tie," he recalled.

The 66-year-old shared that he is confident that his life will turn around.

tempted many times

"I am not giving up because I serve a big wonderful God. I have been tempted many times. I remember once, a phone fell from a tourist who was walking along the streets and I was contemplating to steal it but didn't stop until I found the lady and I returned the phone, because I have decided that no matter the circumstances I will not bow," he said.

"Come next Sunday, I will be getting baptised because I have made up my mind to go all the way with God. The concrete has become my pillow and the street is not an easy place, but I am positive that things will turn around," he declared.

He also urged persons to bring back the true meaning of Christmas.

"Long time ago when it was Christmas time, the joy lasted for a lifetime, but now we have become too materialistic. Jesus didn't come to eat wine or eat chicken but that is what has become the main focus. We have to rethink our focus and ensure that Christ is the premise on which our celebration is built," he declared.