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Question: Who is doing more - The Church or State?

Published:Tuesday | December 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Carlington Clarke
Dennis Hibbert
Eloney Perry Ryan
Nadine Anderson
Robert Barrett
Sonia Belnavis

With the New Year on the horizon, The Gleaner took to the streets to
find out who, from the people's perspective, needs to do more to develop
the nation.

Eloney Perry Ryan - "The Church can definitely do more. Just like when it is in the season of giving, people tend to reach out, but it can be done on a regular basis. The Government, from what I know is not really doing enough, because there is so much more they can do. They can plan better to do for those who really need to be helped."

Robert Barrett - "Well I think the Church can do much more. It is the duty of the Church to really take care of the people, and not to stay back so much in the church but go out and help people. I think that's the gospel I think God would want us to go about. The Government can do more than what they are doing and reach out to those in need, so there is a lot of room for the Church and the Government to make improvements."

Carlington Clarke - "Well the Church can't really do more, because that is what they set out to do. That's their mandate. They are working with a prescribed thing from Rome and it's limited. The Government can't do much either, because they are still under the Westminster rules and so, they are puppet Government."

Sonia Belnavis - 'The Government as it stands is not doing anything for the people. But the Church will help build your faith and then move on, so one should just think about God and continue to live on."

Nadine Anderson - "So far, I don't really see the Government doing anything, but the Church can only do what they are supposed to do. I don't think it's the Church's job to address certain issues and thought; I think they shouldn't get involved in political stuff. They can still play a part, but the Government needs to do better."

Dennis Hibbert - "No, the State not doing enough and this should be the time the Church come out, because a lot of things that are going on the Church should play a part in stopping it, but instead they are paying no mind to it. The Church still has its respect from the society and they must take a stand."