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Fuel prices fall again

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 11:31 PMChristopher Serju

Motorists should be enjoying a further decline in fuel prices at the pump, as Petrojam on Wednesday announced a drop in prices for its refined petroleum products for the eighth straight week.

The State-run oil refinery said the price movements, which took effect with the start of the new year, reflect changes in United States Gulf Reference prices and movements in foreign currency exchange rates.

For 87 Octane and 90 Octane gasolene, the price went down by $2.04, while automotive diesel slipped by $1.96 and ultra low-sulphur diesel fell by $2.10 per litre.

The price of kerosene oil went down by $2.45 per litre and propane fell by $1.70 per litre, while butane is down by 49 cents.

Marketing companies will add their respective mark ups.