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'God loves the impossible'

Published:Friday | January 2, 2015 | 12:00 AMJodi-Ann Gilpin

A moving testimony of how God provided funds and favour to cover a $1.6-million budget, within six days, was one of the highlights of the Transformed Life Church's New Year's Eve service in Kingston.

Janene Dixon, a young entrepreneur and member of the Young Mummy Diaries Foundation, in reflecting on the past year, noted that the foundation's annual Muminar, a seminar which caters to mothers, was nothing short of a miracle.

"We came up with the concept, and though we had our fears and worries, we started promoting the event all over social media, we booked the hotel for our guest speaker and we sent out several sponsorship letters because we thought we had the right connections," she recalled. "Lo and behold, only one sponsor responded, agreeing to give us $300,000."

Dixon told The Gleaner: "I was depressed. We felt like our business was tearing apart because I started to blame my business partner about putting it all over social media and she started to blame me for being so negative and putting unnecessary pressure on her. It was a ball of confusion."

She said, however, that it was when she started to exercise her faith that things began to turn.

"I just began to declare that the event was centred on God, and though we did not get the $1.6 million in cash, we received favour and blessing that we knew we could not have afforded," she said.

"We got $900,000 in cash and that covered everything that needed to be paid for. However, we were on every morning show doing interviews, the newspapers came on board and gave us good coverage, [and] our decor persons decided to do everything for free. When we went to the event, to our surprise, over 500 mothers from all walks of life came out. When we look back, we received more than the $1.6 million we budgeted for and this happened days before the event," she said.

"The lesson I learnt is that you have to believe. It is when I decided to face my fears and declare that God is in charge things started to change Ö ," she said.


Pastor of the church, Dwight Fletcher, in his message, stressed that struggles are inevitable, but encouraged persons to approach the new year with a positive mindset.

"God loves the word 'impossible'. The problems that you think cannot be solved are not bigger than God," he said. "The struggles that we go through are struggles that persons of every generation have gone through, but when we look back in time, the people who had their focus on the Lord were able to handle issues of life because of their faith, and so I am calling persons back to that foundation as we step over into the new year."

He also had a message for Jamaica: "I want Jamaicans to get back to the times when, even though all the country were not Christians, we still found that every child went to Sunday school and things were much better. People were more united, citizens experienced more peace, and we have lost that."