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Daphne's delay continues

Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Govt yet to indicate when it will pay 99-year-old woman $1M owed for 40 years

Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

Daphne Thompson, the 99-year-old woman who has been waiting for the past 40 years for less than $1 million she is owed by the Government, is yet to receive even one cent.

Attorney-at-law Jacqueline Cummings, who is representing Thompson, told The Gleaner that while she has been contacted by government officials, they have not given her a timeline as to when they will be able to complete the transaction.

According to Cummings, since Thompson's plight was highlighted in The Sunday Gleaner on November 16, she has been told that they are expediting the matter as best as they can. However, there is still uncertainty surrounding when she will be paid.

The almost $1 million has been owed to Thompson since 1974 when her husband Jasper and a friend agreed to sell the Government 900 acres of land comprising two properties in Newfound River and Kilmarnock, Hanover.

Cabinet approved the purchase and an agreement was signed between the men and government officials. The Government paid them a portion of the purchase price with a balance to be paid to complete the sale.

The matter went unresolved for several years until Jasper Thompson died in 1986. His friend died two years later, without collecting the outstanding amount.

Willing to purchase

Since the matter was reported by The Sunday Gleaner, persons have indicated that they would be willing to purchase the property since the Government has failed to close the deal.

"I have received calls from people saying they are willing to buy the property at current market value," said Cummings.

Gleaner readers have also been indicating that they want to help the 99-year-old, with one reader saying he and a group of friends were trying to put together the money to pay 'Miss Daphne'.