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The No. 1 energy source for 2015

Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The success of scientists in the past was their dependency on Him for discoveries and breakthroughs.
Steve Lyston

As the new year begins, many leaders worldwide are giving their usual speeches on the expectations for 2015.

Many make statements for change that make you wonder if we are all on the same planet. Wishes and luck dont bring change, but through divine favour and a willingness to obey Him, change can and will come.

The world is missing out on the number-one energy source the Holy Spirit who gives the greatest knowledge and wisdom. Having an intimate knowledge can solve our energy crisis, bringing growth and birthing new vision within the marketplace. The success of many politicians and leaders of the past is that they used to acknowledge the Holy Spirit as the one who gives power to get wealth.

Many times, the Holy Spirit will give instructions to help nations, individuals and organisations and it has nothing to do with religion so because of pride, they reject it and then they find themselves in a quandary and scrounging for solutions. But realise that Amos 3: 7 says, Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.


That means He will unveil and disclose His plans for nations as long as we are in a holy fellowship with Him; even when judgement is pending and can be averted through repentance, God always reveals it to His true servants (Genesis 6: 13; Genesis 18: 17 - 18; Daniel 9: 22; John 15: 14 - 15).

Even the very Church leaders that are crying out for change have abandoned the Holy Spirit from their environment, and have created a market-driven and secular environment. As a result of them doing things in their own strength and knowledge, rather than in accordance with the will and instructions of God, the Church now appears to the world as a powerless entity, there only for rituals and to be used as needed. Therefore, there are people including Christians who are flying all the way to Australia to seek healing, and those who engage in new age and even occult practices in order to be helped and healed, when the local churches are there and are supposed to be manifesting the power of the Holy Spirit the greatest source of energy so that the people can be helped and healed.

The Holy Spirit is God. He is not tongues. He created life; He brings order, gives insight, empowers and illuminates. The success of scientists in the past was their dependency on Him for discoveries and breakthroughs. Now, we have scientists and doctors who refuse to acknowledge the help that the Holy Spirit gives them; so now they are creating more problems for mankind as many of their tests have brought negative repercussions and have wreaked havoc on the peoples of the nations.

The Holy Spirit is so important that Jesus needed Him in order to function fully while He was on earth. Surprisingly, there are many theologians some of whom advise governments who don't even embrace the Holy Spirit, when He is within the Godhead and the source of wisdom. So if one is not pulling from this all-powerful energy source, from which other source would one be pulling?

The Holy Spirit is in everything. He is a person and He can be grieved, offended or blasphemed. He exercises so many functions in our daily activities. He reveals, He teaches, He witnesses, He intercedes, He commands, He testifies, He brings conviction to the world. Even when we lie or do something wrong, He nudges us (Romans 8: 26; Matthew 12: 31 - 32; Acts 5: 3; Ephesians 4: 30; John 15: 26).

Breath of life

Whether we are Christians or non-Christians, cultists, secularists or atheists whatever we are, He is the very breath you breathe and if He doesn't show up for work one day, that's it for you.

There are many other names by which He is known, based on His function in our lives. He is the spirit of promise and He is truth.

He is often symbolised by fire the fire of purification and illumination.

He is symbolised by wind the wind which brings revelation and change. It is the wind that exposes and reveals truth. We feel the effect of the wind, we see what it does, but we don't see it.

He is also symbolised by oil, seal and water. You can engage in your own research.

When pastors, politicians and leaders of every kind allow the Holy Spirit of God to direct and guide them, then we will see success and change for 2015 and beyond.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including End Time Finance and The New Millionaire.