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Major ganja seizures dent drug trade

Published:Saturday | January 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

THE LONG arm of the law has made a major dent in the local drugs trade with the seizure of more than 3,000 pounds of ganja, which has a street value of more than $16 million.

Police investigators arrested at least seven persons in relation to the seizures.

The first recovery was made on Thursday by a team from the Black River Police in St Elizabeth. The police said that at about midday a team was carrying out an operation in the Bagdale Mountain area when a search was conducted at premises where they found approximately 1,700 pounds of ganja.

The police said the illicit drug has an estimated street value of approximately $8.5 million. They said no arrest was made in relation to the find.

That same day, police personnel from the Morant Bay Police station seized a large quantity of compressed ganja and several containers of gasolene in Dumfries, Morant Bay, St Thomas.

Reports are that at about 2:30 pm, during the search of the St Thomas premises, approximately 1,386 pounds of compressed ganja valued at more than $7 million and 160 gallons of gasoline valued at more than $80,000 were found.

The police believe that this find is connected to the drugs for guns trade in the parish. Six people were arrested in relation to the seizure.

The following day, a man was taken into police custody after the seizure of approximately 200 pounds of ganja in Gravel Road, Jacks Hill, St Andrew. The police said the drug has a street value of one million dollars.

Reports are that at about 6 a.m. police personnel were on operation in the area when they stumbled upon the ganja field. The police said the vegetation was subsequently destroyed in a burning exercise. They further said during further checks they discovered 200 pounds of ganja. A man was held in connection with the find.