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Earl Jarrett Honour Award

Published:Wednesday | January 14, 2015 | 11:01 PM
Earl Jarrett
dolph Brown/Photographer Earl Jarrett, (centre) General Manager, JNBS looks at the Wolmers Boys Memorial monument with Douglas Orane, (left) trustee of Wolmers Boys School and Jovrio Scott, Deputy Head Boy during a visit and tour of Wolmers auditorium construction site on Friday, January 9, 2015.
Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer Jamaica National Foundation presents "Take A Look At My World", Resolution Project 2014 Book Launch, held at Devon House, Hope Road on Tuesday night December 9, 2014. Here are Mikhail Henry (left); Stewart Reeves ( second left), Volunteer Photographer, Resolution Project; Earl Jarrett (second right), General Manager, JNBS; and Donnette Zacca (right), Photographer.

For a man with an unmistakable head for business, perhaps Earl Jarrett?s greatest work is done with his heart.

A chartered accountant by profession, Jarrett is perhaps best known for his tenure as general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) since 1999.

However, his work outside of the office is what really connects him to the soul of Jamaica. His big heart and generous soul has led to his involvement with countless charity and voluntary services, driven by a strong determination and passion to better the lives of others.

One organisation with which Jarrett is eternally linked is the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS), a journey which started in 1987 and sees him overseeing some of the organisation?s major initiatives in battling the deadly disease.

Jarrett is also chair of JNBS? various subsidiaries, including the JN Foundation, which manages and executes the philanthropic efforts of the JCS, and contributes to the developmental needs of Jamaica. He conceptualised the Foundation?s Resolution Project, which promotes advocacy through the art of photography amongst high school students in rural Jamaica.

Jarrett also chairs of the National Council of the St John?s Ambulance Association in Jamaica, a major international charity primarily led by volunteers which provides first aid, health care and support services in some 42 countries around the world.

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg and does not begin to exhaust his seemingly endless list of charitable efforts and volunteerism that reaches far and wide. In fact, his work literally speaks for itself.

For his indefatigable passion to help those in need, The Gleaner Company presents Earl Jarrett with The Gleaner Honour Award for exceptional Voluntary Service in 2014.

ALOUN NDOMBET ASSAMBA - High Commissioner to London

?He?s easy to talk to, very supportive and very responsive to suggestions? are some of the phrases Jamaican?s High Commissioner to London Aloun Ndombe Assamba use to describe Earl Jarrett.

She finds the general manager of the Jamaica National Building Society supportive and knowledgeable about the Jamaican society and very quick to offer assistance in any area he can.

Working with him from 1998 while he was chairman of the Jamaica Cancer Society, Assamba has had first hand experience of the depth of his heart. She is also cognisant of his work with the Jamaica Automobile Association as well as the Road Safety campaign.

Commenting on his ?substantive job? at JNBS, she said he is very supportive of the Jamaican community in the United Kingdom.

Although Jarrett is known for his philanthropy, Assamba said he is still very private where a lot of his giving is concerned.

?I do not think most of his charitable acts are publicised. He does them privately,? she said.

VONNIE McGOWAN-ARSCOTT - founder/CEO Nostalgia in Gold

For South Florida-based Vonnie McGowan-Arscott, Earl Jarrett is ?the consummate professional?.

Having interacted with him on a professional level for over 20 years, she sees him as an ?excellent corporate citizen?.

McGowan-Arscott has worked with Jarrett on various community outreach events in Florida, United States, such as her own Nostalgia in Gold and Women of Excellence Award. She has also worked on projects for JNBS in South Florida.

?He is very sensitive to the needs of the Diaspora. He lends his voice and generosity to various outreach events and is supportive of the different endeavours of the communities,? she shared.

?As long as Jarrett knows the outreach is beneficial to others or the service is deserving, you have his attention.?

Summing him up, she said: ?A benevolent person, his altruism is legendary throughout the Caribbean and in the Diaspora.?

FAE ELLINGTON - veteran journalist

Veteran journalist Fae Ellington is very impressed with Earl Jarrett?s volunteerism and never-ending willingness to assist, quite aware of his work with the Jamaica Cancer Society, St John?s Ambulance, the Diaspora and the Caribbean Institute of Mass Communication (CARIMAC).

?I?ve seen his efforts close at hand. He is truly altruistic, unflappable and connected to the soul of Jamaica,? Ellington noted.

BEVERLEY DUNCAN-MANLEY - Former broadcaster and author

Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) general manager Earl Jarrett is a man who can so easily put you at ease. Just by talking to him, you get the feeling you have known him for a lifetime. That?s how Beverley Duncan-Manley sums up the loving, kind-hearted human being she has known for almost a decade.

?Within minutes of being in communication with him, you are in his world and he is automatically in yours,? she said.

Duncan-Manley credits this special quality as Jarrett?s ability to relax and listen, so that the person interacting with him feels valued.

?He is unafraid to express his sensitivity, lovingness, compassion and care, which manifests in the various areas where he gives of himself and his company freely,? she said.

?He recognises that as human beings, we are here to serve each other and in so doing respect each other and lift each other up on an ongoing basis.?


* For his various efforts and affiliations with worthy causes, Jarrett was inducted into the Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) Hall of Fame on December 1, 2014.

* Jarrett has received numerous awards for his work inside the boardroom, including the Jamaica Institute of Management/Gleaner 2011 Manager of the Year Award.

* In 2008 Jarrett was conferred with the Order of Distinction, in the rank of Commander for service in the financial sector.