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Disappointments and surprises

Published:Sunday | February 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Dr Dayton Campbell

North West St Ann:

A priority feature that I have been speaking about from day one is the water supply for Bamboo to open up that community, and it is long overdue, and it is something that we would appreciate if it is done.

In relation to the parliamentary process, I believe that more time can be given to us as backbenchers to engage and participate in the process. I think that some persons on the backbench may have some ideas that would be worthwhile going forward, and that the opportunity should be given, because in order for us to have consensus, we must have consultation.


Arnaldo Brown

East Central St Catherine

I am student of political sciences - that is my first degree - and quite frankly, there is nothing about the parliamentary process that surprises me or disappoints me because I understand the workings of the Westminster system. Are there things that we can improve? The answer to that is yes.


Hugh Buchanan


South West St Elizabeth

One thing that the party promised and did deliver is the JEEP. It allowed us as members of parliament to have some flexibility in terms of what programmes we wanted to put in. In terms of disappointments, I would say my major disappointment after becoming a member of parliament wouldn't have anything to do with the parliamentary procedure, but with the civil servants and their [lack of] professionalism.

Paul Buchanan

West Rural St Andrew

The limited time that we get to participate in the Budget [Debate] - things that we bring to the fore, we would love some reaction on them. I haven't seen it. Coffee country, West Rural St Andrew, and you are fixing roads, while coffee country provides the foreign exchange and no roads are fixed. This is the sort of thing we would love to see followed up on.

Dr Lynvale Bloomfield

East Portland

In terms of Parliament, I think we waste a lot of time.

I have got one road for $27 million, there is one for $200 million, and of course, we got a couple of bridges, and of course, the water, sewerage and drainage, which is $1.85 billion.

We have the tourism sector; we had three or four projects, through Minister (Wykeham) McNeill, and Boston Beach and Winnifred Beach are going to be redone. So we have got our fair share.