Sat | Aug 18, 2018

New twist into death threat against JLP leader

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

WEST PORTLAND Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz has called on Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams to probe further to determine who was behind the hoax which reported a plot to end the lives of Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and Dr Horace Chang, general secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Vaz claims that his name and that of some of his colleagues had been called in relation to the fabricated threat against the lives of the party leader and general secretary.

"You know that reputable people, their reputation gets tarnished, and this has been going on from time immemorial and I have been a victim of it," Vaz charged.

Investigators say they are looking to charge a man who, last month, falsely reported the death threat against Holness and Chang.


threats were fabricated


Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), made the disclosure yesterday after explaining that the threat was fraudulent.

"Our investigation has proved that the threat is a hoax. We are currently looking to charge the person who made the report," said Powell in response to queries by The Gleaner yesterday. This newspaper, two weeks ago, learned that the threats were fabricated, and that they may be linked to unrest within the JLP. The police were asked then to confirm this."

Powell, yesterday afternoon, said the man would be charged for creating public mischief. He declined to speak further on the matter.

The Gleaner, however, has learned also that the offender - who is one of at least two persons interviewed in relation to the incident - is a repeat offender and that he was recently released from prison after serving time for a similar public disturbance offence.

Meanwhile, a strident Vaz said he wants to know "who is behind this fabricated hoax. There has to be more to it than one individual going to the police. Who took him to the police? Does it have to do with any form of politics, internal or otherwise? I really feel heartened that the police have concluded their investigation because many names have been called wrongly in this matter."

He congratulated the police on concluding a speedy investigation into the matter.

Yesterday, Horace Chang, during a radio interview, also confirmed that the threats were fake.

The police say they were informed of the threats late last month and that they were informed that a $7-million bounty was on the heads of the two politicians. Half of the sum, it was alleged, was paid to the killers and the other half was to be paid over following their deaths.