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More students achieving mastery in grade 4 numeracy, literacy exams

Published:Saturday | February 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMAnastasia Cunningham

An increasing number of students continue to achieve mastery in the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests, with the 2014 results revealing that approximately 77 per cent of students from public and private schools achieved mastery for literacy and 58 per cent for numeracy.

This means the student has mastered the three combinations in each subject and will now be allowed to sit the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

According to the results released by the Ministry of Education yesterday, in June 2014, a total of 50,027 students sat the Grade Four Literacy Test from public, private and special schools. Of this number, 41,188 sat the exam for the first time (37,142 from public schools, 4,013 from private schools and 33 from special schools).

Approximately 77 per cent of the 41,155 students from public and private schools achieved mastery, 17.6 per cent achieved almost mastery, and 5.2 per cent non-mastery. Of the 31,788 students who achieved mastery, 55.4 per cent were females and 44.6 per cent were males. Approximately 46 per cent (15) of the 33 students from special schools achieved mastery.

Males and females performed equally in achieving mastery (45.5 per cent).

For the Grade Four Numeracy Test, a total of 41,013 students sat the exams - 36,975 from public schools, 4,006 from private schools and 32 from special schools.

Approximately 58 per cent of the 40,981 students from public and private schools achieved mastery, which was the same from 2013; 28 per cent achieved almost mastery and 14 per cent non-mastery.

Of the 23,591 students who achieved mastery, 56.1 per cent were females and 43.9 per cent males. Thirty-two students sat from special schools and approximately 16 per cent mastery was achieved. Females accounted for approximately 27 per cent, while males accounted for 10 per cent.

The Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests are part of the National Assessment Programme and were first administered in 1998.




All children at the grade four level are required to sit the exams, as no child will be allowed to sit GSAT without being certified as achieving mastery on the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests.

The Competence Based Transition Policy, which provides a child with the opportunity to sit the tests at least four times, was initiated in 2009. This has now been revised, allowing those students who did not achieve mastery at the first sitting, more time to master the content.

Hence, students now have two opportunities to sit the test which will only be administered in the June of each year. There will no longer be a sitting in December.

The education ministry continues to implement strategies to address those students performing below average.