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Accused claims his life was threatened by men who forced him to report $7m plan to kill Holness and Chang

Published:Sunday | February 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMErica Virtue
The Jamaica Labour Party's headquarters on Belmont Road in New Kingston.
Dr Horace Chang
Othneil Lawrence

The man charged in connection with the false claim that a plot had been crafted to kill Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader Andrew Holness and the party's general secretary, Dr Horace Chang, has told investigators that he was contracted to tell the lies during a job-seeking trip to the party's Belmont Road headquarters.

Maxie Robinson, who has been charged with creating public mischief, is now alleging that two JLP operatives offered him big rewards if he reported the fabricated murder plot to the police.

"What they told me to do is all in the first statement. I didn't do anything on my own. I was forced and paid to do it," said Robinson in a February 10 confession statement seen by The Sunday Gleaner.

That confession statement was done 12 days after Robinson had first reported the murder plot to the police, and came after top investigators found major inconsistencies and lies in two earlier statements given by Robinson.

In a third statement to the police, Robinson confessed to the plot which he said was crafted by the two JLP operatives as part of the scheme to oust or get suspended from the party Daryl Vaz, James Robertson and Othneil Lawrence.

Robinson claimed he was told that this was part of efforts to remove Vaz from his West Portland seat, which he has won in two general elections, and Robertson, the three-time MP for Western St Thomas. Lawrence is before the courts challenging a decision by the party to replace him in North West St Ann, which he lost in the 2011 general election.




According to Robinson, who has served prison time for fraud, he went to JLP headquarters on January 5, 2015 seeking employment, being a long-time supporter of the party.

He said while there he was approached by a JLP operative who arranged a meeting at the nearby Emancipation Park for 4:00 that afternoon.

Robinson told the investigators that during two meetings, including one at a club in Vineyard Town, St Andrew, the JLP operative he had met initially and another party member coached him on how to report the murder plot and the details that should be given to the police.

He said among the promises made to him was a Toyota motor car, with a warning that if he were to ever name the persons who hatched the plot he would be killed.

"There is nowhere in this world I can run if any trouble come out of it to them," Robinson claimed is the dire warning he received.

He said with the warning and his role clear, he returned to the JLP headquarters and reported the alleged plan to kill the party's leader and the general secretary.




The ex-convict was subsequently taken to the offices of the St Catherine Major Investigation Task Force where he made a 16-page written statement alleging that three fellow ex-convicts had been contracted to do the killing, with a part payment of $3 million and two AK-47 rifles given to them to carry out the hit.

Four days later, Robinson amended his statement to say that he accompanied the ex-convicts to a car mart near the Canadian Embassy in St Andrew where the $3 million was paid to them.

But with the police finding major holes in the statements given by Robinson, he was detained and warned that he was being investigated for public mischief.

It was during that February 10 interrogation that Robinson admitted that he lied in his first statements, and gave the investigators a confession statement in which he claimed that he had been offered the rewards to make the false allegation.

Robinson was remanded when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court last week and is to return to court on March 3.