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Murdered 14-year-old was pregnant - Autopsy

Published:Saturday | March 7, 2015 | 12:00 AMCorey Robinson

News that 14-year-old Kayalicia Simpson, the Donald Quarrie High School student who was hacked to death on Tuesday morning, was pregnant came as no surprise to residents of the Newlands Housing Scheme in St Thomas, yesterday.

An autopsy conducted on Simpson's body yesterday confirmed that she died from shock and haemorrhage caused by her injuries. The autopsy also revealed that the teenager, who was chopped several times in the head and neck, was carrying a child for at least four months.

During a visit to the community on Wednesday, residents were adamant that the girl was killed as part of an attempt to cover-up her pregnancy. The autopsy report supports the claims by residents and at least one of Simpson's relatives, who told The Gleaner of suspicious activities between the teenager and at least one of the men living at the house she occupied.

"She was pregnant. That is why them kill her; and is long time people know what going on," said one female resident who declined to be named for fear of her life. "At one point, when people start talk things, one of them (accused men) said that before him name call up in any pregnancy, somebody is going to die. And see it deh, dem kill har!"

"We suspect that he was fooling around her, we suspect it. But Kayalicia was not somebody who liked to talk about things. She was very secretive so she wouldn't tell anybody about that," continued another relative, as a group of residents gathered near the ill-fated house where the teenager lived. The residents could not say why any of them did not report the matter to the police.

According to reports, Simpson was killed around 4 a.m. when she went outside her home to use a pit latrine. Her body was found slumped on its face metres away from the pit latrine. The incident sparked public outcry and caused much grief for Simpson's grandmother and guardian Eloise Brown, and her schoolmates at Donald Quarrie High.




Yesterday, Assistant Superintendent Hopeton Nicholson told The Gleaner that sleuths are treating the murder as first priority, and the pregnancy of the underage teen, secondary.

"We are looking at everything, but right now, the murder is priority. Every lead comes back around to the murder," said Nicholson.

The St Thomas police last night confirmed that a second suspect has been held in connection to the probe into the murder of Simpson.

In a release from the Jamaica Constabulary Force's Corporate Communications Unit, "Arrangements are now being made for him to be interviewed in the presence of his attorney."

The first suspect was arrested on Wednesday and up to last night remained in custody. Their identities are being withheld at this time.

The assistant superintendent revealed, however, that other relatives will be questioned in connection to Simpson's pregnancy.