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Inhumane! - Woman found living in cellar in Windsor, St Ann's Bay

Published:Sunday | March 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Residents in Windsor, St Ann's Bay, and surrounding communities are expressing outrage as news spread that a young female was discovered living in the cellar of a house occupied by her father and stepmother.

Both father and stepmother have since been taken into custody and will be placed before the court on Monday, in a case which the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse has taken charge of.

Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of St Ann, Yvonne Martin-Daley, confirmed yesterday that the two were taken into custody after the young female was discovered Thursday evening in the cellar.

"When the police arrived they saw a young female in the cellar of the house. She was removed to the hospital with the assistance of the Child Development Agency," Martin-Daley told The Sunday Gleaner.

The senior superintendent said the woman is to undergo examinations after which a true picture of her condition will be determined.

It is unclear how long the woman had been living in the cellar.

Reports are that the woman, who is suspected to be mentally and/or physically challenged, lost her mother some years ago and was left in the care of her father.


Spotted by children


Last Thursday, some children were playing near the house when they spotted the woman in the cellar and alerted some adults.

The police were called in and after discovering the young female, the stepmother was taken into custody. The father was later located and taken into custody also.

One resident who spoke with The Sunday Gleaner alleged that the woman was discovered naked and chained in the cellar. According to the resident, the woman was being treated like an animal, with food being thrown to her on the ground to eat.