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CaPRI urges changes at Riverton

Published:Sunday | March 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Persons at a bus stop in Duhaney Park, St Andrew wearing their dusk masks as smoke from the Riverton dump blanketed the city yesterday.

The Caribbean Policy Research Institute CaPRI is urging the authorities to be proactive in executing a waste-management strategy that fixes the problem of the Riverton City Dump and waste management in general.

In a policy paper released yesterday, CaPRI argued that Jamaica's current waste-management initiative is inadequate and legislative measures as set out by the National Environmental Planning Agency (NEPA) are not being adhered to.

The think tank has issued a list of recommendations which it says could prevent fires such as the one taking place now which will cost more than $25 million to extinguish.

Management: Strategic waste-management techniques and waste-minimisation strategies (composting and recycling) should be incorporated on a wider scale in the waste-management framework. It is also the responsibility of management to ensure that these waste sheds are operated within the ambit of the law, so as to prevent any irregularities that may arise.

Security: Access to the waste shed should be limited and monitored. Only -authorised workers should have access to the sites and steps taken to ensure full compliance

Fire prevention/reduction measures: The waste-shed should be covered with dirt regularly as set out in the solid waste management legislation.

Develop a sanitary landfill: A sanitary landfill is a site where waste is isolated from the environment until it is safe. It is considered safe when it is completely degraded biologically, chemically and physically. The transformation of the waste shed into a sanitary landfill should start in phases if it cannot be fully transformed at once. This will give rise to energy from waste initiatives as well as recycling and composting on a broader scale.

Relocation of waste-management facility: Creating sanitary landfills leads to the discussion of locating proper sites for waste management. A facility such as the Riverton City Landfill should not be located in an urban area due to population density and increased costs associated with security.