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GSAT postponement brings joy to Ocho Rios primary

Published:Wednesday | March 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Ocho Rios Primary School students raise hands to show they support the GSAT postponement.

Grade six students at the Ocho Rios Primary School in St Ann are, for the most part, happy at the one-week postponement of the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).

A teacher preparing one set of the students also expressed joy at the additional preparation time that the push-back has presented.

When The Gleaner visited the school on Tuesday, it was a happy bunch of grade six students who welcomed the newspaper.

"I feel good because now I have more time to study," Shannique Sinclair responded when asked how she felt about the postponement.

Hoping to be placed at the all-girls' school of Westwood in Stewart Town, Trelawny, Shannique explained: "I was prepared, but I will be more prepared now."

Her classmate, Omarian Williams, expressed confidence that the added time would better prepare him to get the grades he needs to be placed at Jamaica College.

"I feel good about the postponement because I get more time to study so I can go to my first-choice school, Jamaica College," he stated.

Kenisha Johnson, who wants to attend another all-girls' school, St Hilda's in Brown's Town, St Ann, and Harrington Walker, who wants to go to York Castle, also in St Ann, expressed similar sentiments.

"I am very glad because I get more time to study. Yes, I am confident I will get through to go to St Hilda's," Kenisha responded.

"The postponement will do me good because it gives me more time to prepare. Even though I was fully prepared, it means I will be able to do even better," Harrington said.

Grade six teacher Audrey Sutherland-Grant, who has responsibility for preparing one class of students for the GSAT, welcomed the delay.

"To be honest, I am so happy," Sutherland-Grant said. "The reason is, if it's even one day extra I can get just to work with my children to get them even more prepared for the exam, I'm grateful."

Originally set for tomorrow and Friday, the GSAT has been pushed back by a week because of the disruption in the preparation of students in Kingston and St Andrew caused by smoke from the fire at the Riverton dump.