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JPS Begins Pre-Paid Billing Service Tomorrow

Published:Tuesday | April 7, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is set to introduce its prepaid billing to 2,000 customers in the Corporate Area tomorrow.

The company ran a pilot for the pay-as-you-go service in Portmore and is now seeking to expand the service.

Speaking with The Gleaner, corporate communications officer at JPS, Ruthlyn Johnson, indicated that the pilot saw 13 people signing up for the service, with three opting out.

"We had 13 people come on board and 10 of them have remained because their usage has gone down with a reported average of 35 per cent savings on their bills," she said.

Johnson went on to explain that JPS has all the systems in place to roll out the service.

"All the infrastructure has been put in place IT-wise and customer service-wise to support the roll-out," she said.

The prepaid service will work in a similar fashion as topping up credit on a mobile phone.

"Persons will go to any one of our customer service offices and purchase a card - just like how you have a card for your phone. You go home and punch in the numbers on what is known as a customer information device, which will be connected to the meter, and the service will be activated," Johnson explained.

She sought to allay fears that persons may engage in meter tampering.

"We have not had that issue with the pilot. We can't say it will not happen, but we are putting in steps to manage it, if it should occur," she said.