Sun | Sep 23, 2018

Cops give smoking warning to horse racing patrons

Published:Monday | April 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The St Catherine South Police, in tandem with Caymanas Track Limited (CTL), are giving patrons attending horse racing at Caymanas Park ample warning before applying strict enforcement of the law prohibiting smoking in public places.

Superintendent Terrence Sancko yesterday told The Gleaner that the police had started talks with CTL, advising the horse racing-promoting company to immediately begin posting signs warning race goers that prosecution looms for those disregarding the country's smoking-in-public-places ban.


ctl on guard


Sancko, obviously aware that in 2000 the apprehension of a groom smoking ganja in the grandstand caused a riot and abandonment of racing for a day, said he was putting CTL on its guard that the police intend to ensure that all patrons can enjoy the races without being offended or having their health being put at risk by second-hand smoke of any kind.

"A number of persons have been complaining about the smoking," Sancko told The Gleaner. "We have asked Caymanas to place signs in designated areas, warning about the no-smoking law.

"We want CTL to first educate the people about desisting from smoking. We don't want to just run in and arrest people. However, as soon as that is in place, after that, we will put in enforcement activities," Sancko warned.

Pointing out that racedays would be particularly targeted, Sancko believes reminders, by way of posting, and signs, and dialogue will have most complying with the law.

"If you have proper dialogue with the people, as soon as the good ones start abiding, you will have less enforcement to do. Some people just need to be told. That would result in fewer persons breaking the law, hence less enforcement to carry out. It's just that people have been doing it for years and need to be reminded that it is law," he reasoned.