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We are ready - St Ann fire chief

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

St Ann's Bay, St Ann:

Anthony Hinds, senior deputy superintendent in charge of the St Ann Fire Department, says the department is ready to deal with whatever eventualities may arise as a result of a major fire.

"Sometimes no matter how prepared you are, the immediate situation might require resources outside of what we have, but we are prepared to respond. I don't think we can ever be fully prepared, but whatever eventuality may arise, we are ready," Hinds said.

Hinds said all units in St Ann were operational except for a rescue unit, which was undergoing repairs in Kingston.

The fire chief used the opportunity to appeal to farmers, developers and anyone who might have reason to clear lands, to exercise due care.

"In terms of the Mavis Bank bush fires, we see some semblance of it in our areas, but I need to remind citizens to be very careful, especially farmers and people preparing land for development. We just can't clear land and light fires indiscriminately. We have to act responsibly in this time," Hinds urged.