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Facebook reacts to 'Policing that works'

Published:Wednesday | May 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Gleaner readers took to social media yesterday to give their opinion on Garnett Waite's Letter of the Day on Tuesday, in which he suggested that local police teams visit every household within their precincts. Here's what they had to say on Facebook:

Improve citizen's lives

We also have to improve conditions for people. Citizens have to feel as though there is equity in their society. If they feel that one portion of society is abusing or stealing from another portion, the best constabulary force on the planet won't be able to do much to curb violent behaviour.

- Roger Williams

More practical alternatives

Not practical or necessary, unless, of course, you're turning Jamaica into a police state! There are better and more practical ways to fight crime - more police, trained in investigating and crime-fighting methods; up-to-date equipment and technology; [the] use of street cameras; and improved communication and public relations. Business places should also have cameras outside/inside.

- Stephanie Vaughn

cops should be impartial

The problem is [multifaceted]. That is a start, but if the police officers are not seen to be doing their job in an impartial manner, there will be no change. Everyone should be treated equally - not some people allowed to commit crimes while others are charged for the slightest offence. When a crime is reported, investigate it impartially and charge the offending party. Make sure to do due diligence, then let that person go fight it in court. When the community observes a police force applying the law to everyone, equally, then they will give their trust. No conversation is going to change the underlying issue of unfair treatment.

- Onenetta La Beach

Informer culture

Then when the police leave, the people will be classified as informers.

- Christopher Bird

tackle illiteracy, bring back respect

Policing will never be adequate. We need to bring [back] the respect of yesteryear that most Jamaicans had for each other. We must also make the promotion of quality of life a priority, especially in all public spaces. And last but not least, we have to make a push to increase literacy; too many of our males cannot read. It might sound draconian but all Jamaicans who cannot read and write and who have the capacity to learn should be compelled to attend reading classes.

- Enos Anderson

Retrain officers

[The] hierarchy has go to the people and find the [reasons] people turn to crime, building bridges, respecting people, speaking to [them] nicely and showing compassion.Retrain the policemen; send them on a customer care training course.

- Marcia Parkinson

Build back trust

Will the police have such time? Why burden them, while there's yet so much crime to fight.You need to gain back the trust between the citizen and the police. By doing so, together we can fight crime. The police cannot do it alone. Rid the force of corrupt officers and those that try to intimidate people when they come to report a crime.

- Annmarie Allen