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‘Let’s get the green house in order’ - Senior JLP member urges colleagues to step up to prepare for elections

Published:Sunday | May 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
JLP leader Andrew Holness greets party supporters before an Area Council One meeting at the Olympic Gardens Civic Centre in St Andrew in January.

A senior member of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) has written to his parliamentary colleagues expressing frustration and concern about its preparation for the next general election.

In an email, the outspoken parliamentarian, who is a vocal backer of party leader Andrew Holness, declared that he does not detect any urgency or desire to win the next general election.

"Fortunately for us at this time, the bickering and display of public disunity seem [to] have ended. It is of critical importance, therefore, that every effort should be made to utilise the talent of all [of] us towards victory, instead of these talents being left underutilised," said the parliamentarian.

"At this time, there is no visible Campaign Committee, no visible Organisation Committee, and the wrong, unwinnable candidates are being placed in critical constituencies that [ought] to be must-win constituencies for us to form the next government," added the parliamentarian.

He told his colleagues that there are 12 seats the People's National Party (PNP) should not have won in the 2011 general election, which the JLP must take back the next time Jamaicans go to the polls.

"Yet we have already conceded six of those 12 constituencies by placing people who cannot win any of them. These constituencies must be re-assessed immediately and winning candidates placed in them regardless of personal feelings and friendship with senior members of the party. Winning should be our ultimate goal and not friendship," stated the parliamentarian.

"The people of this country will never forgive us if, because of selfishness, we allow the PNP to return to power; neither would history forgive [us]."

The parliamentarian ended by urging his colleagues to take charge of the process to ensure that the JLP "provides the change the country is calling out for".