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On Facebook they say...

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

On Facebook, they say ...

The parents who are allowing this to happen should be locked up and have a speedy court trial. It's such a shame to see this happen ... . I could not blame a government for the way I grow my kids ... . A lot of people are suffering but they're not pimping out their kids.

- Theresa Ellis

Poverty is the root cause for this, especially in the ghettos. Parents turn a blind eye because they are unable to support the kids, so they allow an older man to ruin their kid's future. Stamp out poverty [and] you get rid of this menace to society.

- Annmarie Allen

Playing politics again. Andrew knows that no matter how [many] laws are passed and how stiff the penalty may be, none of this will be effective unless the parents and the community on a whole step up and stop turning a blind eye to babies living with these grown-ass creeps.

- Fabian Littlejohn

The laws need to be enforced! Many times people see and do nothing, and many times when it is reported, the police do nothing, and some police themselves are having sex with schoolgirls. Enforce the laws!

- Charlene Natalie

They all want to bring politics [into] a genuine problem that's affecting the whole country and it's the kids who have to pay for their stupidness. I do pray for the country on a whole. I am scared even to visit. I love my native land very much but it's gone to the dogs. When are these politicians going to start doing right by our kids?

- Elaine Feelingblessed Carter

Yes, Mr Holness, we hear, believe and are behind/beside you, so what is the next move? How can we help? As you know, there have been other politicians before you who spoke those same words. To be honest, we the people are tired.

- Sandra Campbell-Freeman

This is exactly the answer to this serious crime. If they are charged, or are aware that they will be charged, then the possibility of this happening would definitely get less. Not saying it will go away, because we do have some sick minds passing as parents, but will get less and less.

- Catherine Rust-Wong