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Procurement Hiccups Stalls Jubilee Market Construction

Published:Saturday | June 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The construction phase of the Jubilee Market in downtown Kingston remains on hold as the procurement process has been restarted.

Responding to questions from The Gleaner, the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) noted that the procurement process for the project was halted.

"The project was phased as follows: phase one involved securing the site, demolition of derelict structures and erecting the hoarding; phase two saw the construction of the brick perimeter fence, and phase three is to involve the construction of the main building. Phases one and two have already been completed. The procurement process for phase three was aborted and the works are to be retendered," the UDC said.

Officials at the UDC indicated that a contract for the construction of the market is expected to be in place by year end and works completed by August 2015.

The corporation also disclosed that phases one and two of the project were carried out by D. Rowe Construction Limited. The UDC officials, however, did not disclose why the procurement process for phase three was aborted.


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"The new market will retain the aesthetics of the original building, but will be constructed in accordance with modern standards. Like the original, the building will be an open-sided, gable-roofed structure with open vending space and provisions for individual shop spaces. An arcade, restroom facilities and administrative areas will be included in the new facility," the UDC highlighted.

According to the UDC, "The plan for the revitalisation of downtown Kingston recognises the importance of the market district as one of the main features of the city and a major economic engine. Not only does it provide a service to shoppers, but it is also a livelihood for thousands of vendors and farmers alike.

"The deterioration of existing facilities over the decades was seen as a problem that needed urgent attention. The UDC has sought to address the problem in collaboration with the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and the PetroCaribe Development Fund by renovating some of the key facilities and constructing new ones," the public body pointed out.

The reconstruction of the Jubilee Market is being financed by the PetroCaribe Development Fund through a $75-million grant.