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Jurors' allowance increased for the first time in more than a decade

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2015 | 6:29 PM

The allowance payable to persons who serve as jurors in civil and criminal cases has been increased to $2,000 per day, the first movement in more than a decade of the stipend that had seemed permanently fixed at a $500 ceiling.

Justice Minister Senator Mark Golding signed the Jury (Jurors' Expenses in Criminal Cases) Regulations, 2015 and the Jury (Jurors' Expenses in Civil Cases) Regulations on June 17, to remove the ceiling. They were gazetted on June 18.

The jurors' allowance accrues on each day throughout the duration of the trial and is intended to assist in meeting travelling and refreshment expenses on those days.

The Ministry of Justice says the increase comes at a

time when it is pursuing a programme to reform the justice system, including legislation to improve the functioning of the jury system. It noted the fact that the empanelling of jurors had become a major challenge, often leading to delays in the commencement of trials.