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Teen Who Stabbed Policeman Believed to be Demon Possessed

Published:Tuesday | September 1, 2015 | 9:00 AM

A family in the west Kingston community of Jones Town is still trying to come to terms with what they describe as the demonic actions of a 17-year-old boy who stabbed a policeman early yesterday morning.

Reports are that the police were called to the family home to speak with the teen, who had got into an altercation with his sister and was displaying disruptive behaviour after watching a horror movie.

Senior superintendent of police in charge of the Kingston Western Police Division, Cornwall 'Bigga' Ford, told The Gleaner yesterday afternoon that the police inspector who was stabbed was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital and was in a critical condition.

Last night, the police were breathing a sigh of relief after what they said was a successful surgery that removed the knife from their colleague's neck. Ford, thanking the medical team, told The Gleaner-Power 106 News Centre that the wounded cop was stable.

Back at the Septimus Street home in Jones Town, the teen's mother, Lisa Jennings, was at a loss for words as she tried to piece together the events of what was a bleak morning for this family.

"I don't know what get in a him. A from last night we were watching The Night of the Living Dead movie and him just start to act up. We normally watch a movie together on a Sunday night, but when I saw how the movie was going, I told them that I wouldn't watch anymore, so I left them to watch it, but after the movie, him just start quarrel with him sister and start mash up the tings inna the house," she explained.

Night of the Living Dead is a horror movie that features zombies.

According to one family member, the teen's erratic behaviour can be attributed to demonic possession.

"I know him since he was a boy and he has never acted up like this. A that movie that them a watch, because how him fi just get up and start mash down the place? And when the police come talk to him, them no come with no force so how him fi just stab the police so? A demon possess him, man. You should hear the sounds that he was making last night. Something behind it, man, him can't just get up and a behave so," the family member said.

The teen's grandmother described him as a promising student at high school.

"Him is a bright boy, him no give no talking, all him do is watch TV. I ask him one time what him want to become and him say doctor, and him do well in school, so I don't know where all of this is coming from. That movie must get to him head, because all him sister do was brush against him leg and him just get inna one piece a rage. I just can't understand it; it look like a demon get inna him," she said with tears in her eyes.

Anger problem

The teen's mother told The Gleaner that she decided to call the police so that they could speak to him about his behaviour. According to her, the 17-year-old has an anger problem for which he has received counselling.

"He is not violent and he really

doesn't give me much talking. The counsellor had said that we could stop taking him for sessions because he was OK now," she said.

When asked if the teen may have mental issues, she said, "I really don't know. One time I see him laughing to himself, but I don't know ... . I tell him that if him hearing voices, him must tell me, but I don't know if him really mental. Him say him stab the police because he thought they were going to shoot him, but the police them neva come with no force or anything like that; is a family matter them come to deal with."

The teen's best friend, who was at the home when The Gleaner showed up, seemed to be in a state of shock.

"Him is a normal yute; him no give no problem. I am his best friend and him never behave like this," he told The Gleaner.