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Trelawny champion, second time around

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Natahlia Miller

Falmouth, Trelawny:

Parish champion: Natahlia Miller

Age: 10

School: Hague Primary

Coach: Tashikia Sinclair

Winning word: I-n-t-r-i-n-s-i-c

Top 5

1. Natahlia Miller, Hague Primary

2. Brianna Robinson, William Knibb

Memorial High

3. Julian Isaacs, William Knibb Memorial High

4. Shamoya Black, Hampden Primary and Junior High

5. Rayanna Watson, Refuge Primary

Quote: "I felt nervous when it was down to two persons, but I'm really happy I won.

"I felt more pressure this year, because last year, no one was looking for the nine-year-old to win. But they saw how I won, so I think they were prepared."

For nationals: "I'm just going to work hard and trust in God, because He will lead me through all of it.

Natahlia's coach, Tashikia Sinclair, about winning: "We have no lunch time at all. We spend our lunch periods preparing. We study root words [and] parts of speech; we study origins and so on. We feel excited about the win and we know we will continue to do well. We just hope that we get enough support so we can get a national [title]."

Preparing for nationals: "I think it requires us now to have no weekends and sleepless nights, and seek help from those who have more experience. I think it requires more dictionary search and more help from the Internet, of course."

*Natahlia won the parish champion title last year.