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School warms hearts with Christmas treat

Published:Saturday | December 26, 2015 | 12:18 PM
Parent Nattoy Callum serves a student of Albion Primary School.
Students of El Instituto de Mandevilla share a song in Spanish with the students of Albion Primary School.
It was all love and excitement when students of Albion Primary School were paid a visit by students, teachers and family members of El Instituto de Mandevilla recently.
Some of the teachers, parents and students of El Instituto de Mandevilla who visited the Albion Primary School.

Albion, Manchester:

Contentment, evidenced by smiles and laughter, was the order of the day when the sign language club of El Instituto de Mandevilla along with parents and teachers recently visited the Albion Primary School to share treats and the joy of the festive season.

The outreach, themed ‘Act of kindness’,was done in part to help children appreciate their circumstances while bringing a blessing to others.

“This Christmas treat was not just about the food, it was about an experience. The children spent time in a casual peer-teaching and learning experience and it was just a joy to see them having conversations about different things and even teaching each other different languages. It just goes to show the importance of having your children develop a caring, nurturing spirit,” said parent Nattoy Callum.

The students were not only present to share treats with their new found friends but were also instrumental in making donations from their savings for the purchasing of the items.

“ I have always encouraged giving back and so my daughter and I have been out several times doing just that, but seeing how responsible she is and how unselfish she is in a time when some children are becoming selfish, I was happy when she gave me $1,000 from her savings and was adamant that I use it to get treats for the children,” said Kesrine Robinson, another parent.

She added “I grew up in a rural community and was impacted by others’ kindness. I don’t want those values to pass my children. It is up to me to help them understand that though it is good to receive it’s even better to give; thinking about what matters and leaving the non-essentials.”

Although giddy on the sweet treats of cakes and ice-cream, the expressions of love and sheer innocence did not go unnoticed.

“From this, there are three important lessons to be learned: be kind; never fail to extend kindness and laughter; and encourage kindness by your actions” said eight-year-old Gabrielle Gallimore.

While many may take simply an act such as this, the students of the Albion Primary School went home excited, grateful and full of anticipation for the next encounter they will have with their new extended family members from a different school.