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Residents praising North Street sewer line project

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The current North Street sewer line project being conducted by the National Water Commission (NWC) along sections of North Street is being praised by residents.

Many of the labourers, who are from neighbouring central Kingston communities, were elated to discuss some of the promised benefits to be derived from the sewers being fixed.

A worker, who gave his name as 'Juju', told The Gleaner that the project was a necessary initiative and highlighted some of the advantages.

"In my point of view, it does a lot for the community because it prevents the sewage water from coming up in a people yard. So dem thing yah prevent the pickney dem from getting sick, elders from getting sick, and even me miself," Juju said.

He is cognisant of the fact many of the young men in the area needed a source of income, and that the sewer-line project has created that opportunity.

"It keep the youth dem out a trouble. At least, it gi dem a likkle income, suh fi di new year, dem have ... [something] in a dem pocket," Juju expressed.

'Ziggy', another central Kingston resident, said he was in good spirits about everything that was going on, but wished the work had started before Christmas.

"Mi feel good, still, but mi wish dem did start it a likkle earlier before the Christmas," Ziggy said, suggesting that he would have wanted to enjoy his salary over the Christmas period.


Despite the benefits, though, Ziggy highlighted a drawback. He said the road closure was somewhat of an inconvenience to motorists and some pedestrians.

"Most of the motorists did a bawl throughout di festive season. Di situation mek dem frustrated," he said, but remarked that it was for a good cause.

The NWC's Trevor Wilks pointed out that the project, regardless of any inconvenience caused so far, was a positive one.

"Public health is why we have to take the time to try solve this problem, so dat the people in the community nuh continue to bawl because the sewers overflowing into dem yard," Wilks said.

The NWC last week advised the public that emergency remedial works on the North Street sewer line in Kingston would result in unavoidable traffic diversions. The work is aimed at correcting a fault to a section of the nearly 100-year-old sewer main along a section of North Street.

Off roads, including Wildman Street, Rum Lane, Central Avenue and George's Lane, will also be impacted throughout the duration of the works.

The emergency work forms part of the effort to improve sewage conveyance in the Corporate Area, in order to reduce overflows and other inconveniences as well as to satisfy a National Environment and Planning Agency enforcement order.

Work is scheduled to end on January 30, 2016.

The NWC apologised for any inconvenience the works might cause, and asked that motorist and pedestrians stay away from the work areas where possible and to also observe the instructions of the signs and flag person if it is unavoidable.