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North Korea nuclear bomb could spark World War III

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
North Korean soldiers walk through a field in Sinuiju, North Korea, as seen from across the border in Dandong in northeastern China's Liaoning province yesterday. North Korea said it conducted a powerful hydrogen bomb test Wednesday, a defiant and surprising move that, if confirmed, would be a huge jump in Pyongyang's quest to improve its still-limited nuclear arsenal.

Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Edmund Bartlett says Jamaica should keep a close watch on activities in North Korea after President Kim Jong Un reported a successful testing of a hydrogen nuclear bomb.

"We in Jamaica will have to watch this very carefully, because it has implications for not just us but for the entire Americas, especially that a new World War could very well ensue," Bartlett said.

"Coming out of the Nagasaki and the Hiroshima experience with the atomic bomb, nobody wants to go back there, because that is an omen for the annihilation of mankind. So what we are hoping, of course, is that good sense will prevail, and that the North Koreans will, in fact, pull back," Bartlett said.

Kim Jong Un's announcement has triggered various global reactions. Countries, including Japan, India, and Russia, have condemned the actions of North Korea.

"The initial analysis that's been conducted of the events that were reported overnight is not consistent with North Korean claims of a successful Hydrogen bomb test," Josh Earnest, White House press secretary said yesterday.

Foreign Minister A.J. Nicholson said yesterday that while Jamaica should have an interest in any such occurrence, "we don't consider it prudent at this point in time. After all, the facts are not known in full and wisdom dictates that we await such an eventuality".

Kim Jong Un boasted of the experiment, saying his country has made "the world look up to our strong nuclear country".