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RM visits St Thomas beach as she considers case

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The resident magistrate considering the case against two men who reportedly drove into the sea in order to elude the police late last year, left the court room and visited the scene of the incident yesterday after both men appeared before her in Morant Bay.

Rameish Simpson and his cousin, Richard Simpson, have been charged with illegal possession of ammunition and a firearm following what the police described as a high-speed chase which ended with Simpson driving his vehicle into the sea in the vicinity of Grants Pen, St Thomas.




Hensley Williams, the defence attorney, told the magistrate his clients did not try to elude the police. He said that the brakes on the Mitsubishi Pajero Ramiesh was driving had malfunctioned, which resulted in Simpson driving into the sea to prevent a crash.

Williams also told the court that the bag in which the police said they found an illegal Uzi submachine firearm and 16 rounds of ammunition did not belong to the Simpsons.

The prosecution had alleged that Richard told the police that the bag looks familiar because he saw it in the back of the vehicle. Williams said that the vehicle to which Richard was referring is the police service vehicle which transported them from Grant's Pen after they were pulled from the sea.

After leaving the courtroom to view the alleged crime scene, the magistrate first stopped at the point where the police spot check had taken place before moving to the beach, which is located some distance from the roadway.

It is reported that last month a police team was patrolling the Grants Pen main road in St Thomas when they signalled the driver of a Mitsubishi Pajero to stop.

The driver reportedly disobeyed and diverted on to Fish House Lane in the community

The police pursued the Pajero and the driver drove the vehicle about 300 metres into the sea.