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...a sportsman par excellence as well

Published:Sunday | January 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju
A proud Peter D. McConnell poses with some of the many trophies he has amassed in an impressive sporting career which has spanned a range of activities.

At age 75, Peter D. McConnell has lived a full life with few regrets, with much of his personal and individual successes coming on the sporting field - across a variety of games and activities.

"I was very keen on sports; played everything; captained the school team at cricket; made a hundred runs. I played for Munro against Mannings in a football match, and we beat them seven-nil. I scored all seven goals," he shared with The Sunday Gleaner.

However, that recollection doesn't even begin to do justice to his prowess as an athlete.

Having also represented Jamaica at hockey, skeet shooting, and sporting clay shooting, one would think there was little more he could find time to do. In fact, time, or the lack thereof, to pursue one of his sporting passions, is among the few regrets.

"I was invited to play Junior Wimbledon tennis, but I didn't do it, and that is one of the regrets that I have because in those days, when I left here in September (for England), I never came back to Jamaica until July the next year. So if I went, I couldn't come home, so I decided to come home," he said. "So I kinda regret that a little bit; but so be it."


His accomplishments in other areas of the sporting arena have more than made up for that lawn tennis fallout, with the 2005 victory in the Maxxis clay shoot being the high point.

"I scored 100 out of 100, and I'm the only person to have ever done that in Jamaica, and there are not many people in the world. I don't think there are 20 people in the world to have done that feat," he said before proudly posing with the trophy.

These days, McConnell still finds time to go hunting, bird shooting and fishing - a fall-off in the amount of sporting activities in which he was once very actively engaged.